Progressive Tots understand the importance of getting the future of our nation active and starting them young is crucial. It is vital for developing their physical development and also greatly enhance other aspects of their progression such as gaining confidence, understanding relationships and beginning teamwork.

At Progressive TOTS, we have a variety of preschool sports activities that are perfect for younger children. These services are designed to support nurseries and pre-school settings in their nursery school sports coaching, forming a vital part of the Early Years Learning.

Multi-skills programme it is the most popular programme we run, with range of fun toddler game/sports. Children are introduced to exercise and the importance of warming up, drinking water and keeping healthy. A variation of equipment is used to create stimulating and entertaining games, from hoops and cones to other age-appropriate apparatus. Not only do the kids get the chance to develop their physical skills but the inclusion of circle time allows for development of cognitive and social skills too. This all-round session is the perfect way to support nurseries in all six key areas of Early Years learning and development.

Soccer TOTS programme is an introduction to soccer that even younger children can get involved in. Our coaches deliver the sessions in your setting, helping children to become familiar with using balls as part of an activity. This programme allows children to learn key skills such as balance and co-ordination as well as develop relationships and build friendships.

Dance TOTS programme is a fun way for children to become used to using their bodies and understanding what they can be physically capable of. This introduction to gymnastics and dance helps develop agility, strength, balance and rhythm in a fun and creative way. All our programmes are run by trained professionals and designed to individually support each child at every ability level.

Gymnastics TOTS programme is designed to develop children’s physical skills of A (Agility), B (Balance) C (Coordination) & C (Climbing) through the use of brightly colored Progressive Tots equipment. This programme not only develop children’s positive personality but also help them build their confidence & self-esteem.

Our 4 pre-school programme are ideal for nurseries, supporting children in their physical, social and cognitive development.

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